Force Free and Etouch Method

Pup to Dog Training is now offering an exciting new program that has been very successful using the Force Free Method and the Etouch Method. It involves the use of an ecollar which gives the dog a gentle electrical stimulation. This is not a shock collar training where the dog is hurt.

The dog feels a gentle tap. This program builds trust and yet insures compliance. It is safe for your dog, in fact I don't put the collar on your dog until you have felt what the collar does. You can comfortably hold the ecollar in your hand while it is activated.

Use of the collar is paired with some specific training methods, the most important being Pack Walk, which communicates at the dog's level of understanding. You will be amazed at the quick results of this program.

You will also be able to easily maintain the training, which is where other training programs break down. This program has a very high success rate with shy dogs, dominant dogs, and some cases of aggression.