We also board dogs. They live in our home as one of our dogs, play with our dogs, and our children. Our home is  much quieter than the average kennel and less stressful for your animal. 

Everyone sleeps inside with air-conditioning and heat, (I like my comforts and want my dogs to have the same).  I have individual crate for each dog. All dogs are fed separately. Fighting over food or toys is not tolerated. My system allows me to know each dog is eating well. If I notice a problem I can correct it quickly. You are welcome to bring your own food and treats (special diets are no problem) or use my food if your dog’s tummy is not sensitive (some dogs get pretty sick when the food is changed abruptly).

Dogs are turned out to play and be dogs several times a day. If they are friendly, they will get to play with my five dogs.  If the dog is better off alone I can accommodate that too. Our fenced yard is set up like a “dognasium”- slides, water sprinklers, wading pool, ropes, and toys. 

I have one price for boarding- $25 per night per dog. We arrange drop off and pick up times. There is no charge for late evening pickups or early morning drop offs. Let us enjoy your dog while you are away-we love to play.


  • Animals must be 8 weeks old or more.
  • Dogs must have all vaccinations including Bordetella (Kennel Cough) or proof of titers.
  • Dogs be on flea prevention.
  • Dogs on medication are accepted with written instructions.
  • Animals with contagious diseases are not accepted.