Services & Programs

I am incredibly lucky! I get paid to play. Working with your dog is play- However, I take my play very seriously. Why? A trained dog is a dog that keeps its home, and a trained dog is a safe dog.

In the dog training industry, I am a Balance trainer. Which means I offer a traditional training based on time honored techniques. I will evaluate your dog and choose the correct equipment to get the best obedience from your dog based on your dog’s temperament and needs. I do us treats in my training. I find recall (come) works best with a motivator.  Eventually the treat is replaced with petting and praise.  This method is slower but very effective. This method can be more difficult for owners to maintain if life is hectic. The owner must continue working with the dog daily for about a year.

 I also offer the Etouch and Force Free Methods. These programs are efficient and easy. They allow the dog to choose to obey rather than using force.  This style of training increases a dog’s trust and deepens the bond between dog and human. An out of control dog will calm before your eyes with this gentle and effective method. I will do the first lesson on your dog as a demo for you to see. The training really touches the dog’s soul and transforms behavior quickly. The experience is positive for your dog. You can maintain this training when your dog goes home.  Best of all-your dog is tail wagging happy and bonds tightly to you.

Force Free and Etouch Method

  • Ecollar gives the dog a gentle electrical stimulation. This is not  shock collar training where the dog is hurt.
  • The dog feels a gentle tap. (In fact I demonstrate on you what your dog will feel. You can comfortably hold the ecollar in your hand while it is activated.
  • Collar is paired with some specific training methods resulting in fast results. 
  • Learn more at the Force free page.

Traditional Board and Train

  • Your dog lives with us for a month (28 days) or more depending on selected training level.
  • Your dog's behaviors are shaped using positive training methods.
  • Play time and family time help balance your dog.
  • More details on the Board and Train page.