If you are outside the Austin, TX area, or you just want to learn more about dog training and obedience work on your own, below are some titles I recommend.


Dr. Grandin's latest book is a really great read. In the dog chapter she questions how we came to use "pack" based on wolves in the wild.


This is the first book of Dr. Grandin’s I read. I was amazed by her insight and how she could place herself in the animals thought process and get to the animal perspective. It is an academic work but it is written so the average person can read it. She gives data instead of just opinions to support her thoughts about animals.  I am very intrigued by her writings on single trait breeding in animals.   


I enjoy Dr. Coren because he is a “dog man”. He trains dogs to show in obedience so his work has a real world quality to it.  He once as a challenge put an obedience title on a flat coated retriever just to prove it could be done. This book is helpful for learing to read dogs during training.  

 This book is interesting because humans don't realize how often dogs are communicating with simple behaviors. I would add that the same behavior can have a different meaning in different situations. I often refer to this book  when training dogs to better read the dog I am working with.

Dr Reid is a wonderful speaker and in this book explains the four quadrants of learning. It is an excellent reference book as a basis for understanding how dogs learn during training.

Veterinarian Bruce Vogel has written a classic text. This book explains how a dog thinks. It contains sound information about neutered and unneutered dogs as well as an explanation about puppy development.

The Art of Raising a Puppy by The Monks of New Skete
If you ever get a chance to own one of the New Skete Sheppard’s you will be very pleased with the quality of the handling and rearing of their pups.  For those that can't own a New Skete dog this book is the best way to get close to their slice of dog heaven. The principles that Brother Christopher raises and trains puppies on are sound. With a quality puppy you can’t go wrong following this book.  


This book is another favorite of mine because it addresses training adolescent dogs.


I have suggested this book for years to those that get a rescue dog or somehow wind up with an older dog instead of a puppy.  This book adds some of the other more subtle parts of training older dogs. 


Other activities with your dog
Beyond Basic Dog Training by Diane L. Bauman

This woman has shown in dog obedience for years and is an excellent dog trainer. She shows you how to train to prevent problems and correct problems before they get out of control.  This is a great starting book for those that want to compete in obedience with their dogs.  


If you have that dog that has too much energy and too much intelligence but you are really not into training for competion this book is for you. Kyra shows you how to channel all that over the top personality of your dog into parlor tricks. It is fun training for you and your dog.  I use her book for my dog, Cheeto –we do career day for schools in the Austin area. Training with Hoola Hoops and other silly tricks keeps Cheeto out of trouble.

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