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Seven Dogs died after flying on American airlines

posted Aug 7, 2010, 1:08 PM by Marlenia Richardson
Apparently, seven dogs died after flying on American Airlines on Tuesday this week according to CNN ( I would like to find out more details. All dogs were bound to different places. I wonder how long they had been on the flight, when the dogs had last had water, where the dogs came from, and if they are indoor dogs. The flight rules usually don’t allow a dog to fly if the temperature is predicted to be or is over 85 At the location for landing.  I would want to know what the temp was at the time they landed too. The temp the article refers to was much earlier than the landing time. Since the dogs are in the cargo we can assume they are medium to large dogs. I am disturbed by the fact that seven were dead, five more were affected and two were fine. I wonder if this will end flying for pets in cargo.