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Flat Faced Dogs

posted Jul 17, 2010, 12:05 AM by Marlenia Richardson
Flat faced dogs are at risk in heat and when flying. Pugs, Bulldogs, English Toy Spaniel, Shi Tzu are some examples of dogs that face breathing difficulties during heat.  I never leave these dogs outside over about 95 degrees. Some dogs I cut off at 90 degrees. It is not possible for them to get enough air when breathing. In Austin, Texas heat over 90 degrees i s the norm all summer long.  I walk/exercise these dogs early in   the morning or in the evening when temps have dropped. Most airlines now do not allow a dog to fly cargo over 80 degrees. This can make flying out of Austin very difficult - some summer days don't see temps below 80 at night.  For more information see the article in the Austin American Statesman Newspaper.